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You won't find a list of standard features...

...because we don't have any. We examine the needs of your specific campaigns,
and we work out the most effective plan to deliver to your requirements.

Pay per call exclusive business leads

Instant hot & exclusive buyer leads

These are buyers looking for your services right now. They have just called and are waiting for you to call them back. These are the most valuable leads available anywhere.

  • Inbound calls from people in your area who are looking for your services right now.
  • Pre-qualified high quality leads - not tire kickers.
  • All calls can be recorded so you can manage and review your sales teams effectiveness.
  • Complete management of your inbound leads is included.
Facebook Instagram Local LeadsA

Facebook local leads campaigns

Now you can reach hyper targeted potential customers for your local business using our Facebook & Instagram local ad campaigns. These geo-targeted leads are sent directly to your business.

  • We bring new local leads into your business, and at a profit each month.
  • These are local people who are genuinely interested in visiting your business.
  • We provide all of the Facebook ads, graphics, and lead capture pages. All leads are sent in real-time to your business.
Pay per call exclusive business leads

YouTube leads technology

Our YouTube marketing service will get hoards of leads and sales to your business from the most popular YouTube videos.  This is original traffic targeted to match your exact business needs.

  • No need to create your own videos.
  • Takes advantage of already popular and trending videos on YouTube.
  • Wildly popular and tending video traffic is automatically sent to your business.
Google AdWords Management

Google AdWords management

It’s all about your goals. Whether you want more calls, form completions or sales, we will work closely with you to design and deliver the right approach. Our team of certified professionals will ensure that we continue to improve your campaign performance, day after day, week after week, month after month.

  • Gets regular hands on optimization – We never set and forget your campaigns.
  • Is stringently tested using advanced statistical analysis.
  • Has remarketing campaigns (which you need to know about) as standard – Because they work.
Advanced Call Tracking and Recording

Advanced call tracking & recording

Phone calls from prospects are often a primary goal for a pay per click campaign. If you are paying for ads to generate calls then it’s essential that you know how many calls you are getting and which parts of your campaign are making the phone ring.

Our advanced call tracking system means that we can account for every call that results from your pay per call campaign, deliver full call recordings and detailed analysis.

Don’t spend money on generating phone calls within your pay per call campaign without tracking the results.

Retrageting and Remarketing Services

Powerful retargeting / remarketing

Retargeting (or remarketing as it is often called), is one of the most powerful ways to boost your PPC campaigns to make them more effective.

By showing targeted, appropriate ads to your hottest prospects in the weeks and months that follow their visit to your website we can entice them back to your website to make their inquiry or complete their purchase.

Websites, Landing Pages

Landing pages development

Successful pay per click campaigns are about a lot more than ad clicks. The landing page on your website that a visitor sees when they click your ads is just as, if not more important. A well designed landing page can double or triple the return on your ad spend.

That’s why when our client campaigns demand it, we can design high converting, compelling landing pages that work hand in hand with your pay per click campaign.

We provide everything your business needs
for profitable leads generation.