The most effective marketing solution today is pay per call marketing.

Pay Per Call Business Leads

Search has gone mobile. And thanks to smartphones and click-to-call, consumers are responding to paid search ads by calling businesses by the billions.  That’s why marketers must shift their old desktop-centric thinking and adopt new ad, bidding, and attribution strategies to drive more call conversions and sales. Why Calls Matter in Paid Search Smartphone adoption has sparked a […]

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AdWords full potential.

Adwords Experts

Adwords when used to its potential is so much more than simply an ongoing promotional method that you just leave quietly running on autopilot in the background. Yet that’s exactly what the vast majority of Adwords advertisers do, same keywords, same ad copy, and same landing pages month after month. And of course, you get […]

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Bidding on competitor keywords in PPC.

Competitors keyword bidding.

Bidding on competitor terms in paid search is a controversial topic. With the right strategy, you can benefit from showing up with your biggest competition. With the wrong strategy, you will simply (and quickly) throw money away.The following tips can help you win with competitor keyword bidding:Pick and Choose Your Competition.When it comes to PPC, […]

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Winning with pay per search marketing.

Google pay per search marketing.

Advertisers use paid search to drive relevant traffic to their website. Much care is taken in generating the perfect keyword list and the most engaging ads. But advertisers can’t stop there! Even if you have the most seamless paid search campaigns, there are still many things an advertiser must do to be successful. If you […]

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Paid search text ads deconstructed.

Paid Search With Google Adwords

All ads are not created equal. Google continues to add and evolve their paid search ads. When viewing ads on Google, there are basically three categories. First is a basic ad, which contains all required information to run paid search. Then, there is the paid search ad on steroids, which includes all the bells and […]

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Dynamic remarketing for all.

Google dynamic retargeting

Google’s dynamic remarketing being available only to ecommerce businesses will soon be a thing of the past. Over the next few weeks, Google is rolling out dynamic remarketing to all verticals. For those of you not familiar with dynamic remarketing, it is like regular remarketing with a sophisticated brain. It allows advertisers to show more […]

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